Star Reward Booklet and Player Development Plan (PDP) Launched | September 25, 2018

All TW Braga players received a copy of the TW Braga Player Development Plan (PDP) & Reward Booklet 2019/2019. 

Players complete their book every day.  They will trek their daily routines from what they eat, what they do and what time they go to sleep and get up.  There is monthly goal setting as well.  Likewise their is a system to trek how they feel before and after sessions + games. 

Linked to this will be a points system based around attendance, time keeping, appearance, behaviour, attitude and completing their booklet each week. 

In return there will be a reward system similar to what we viewed on our trip to Manchester City.  We ask all parents to take an active interest in this.  This booklet has taken a number of months to put together and I am sure you will agree it is very helpful to help develop your child as a better player, better person.

There is sections in the booklet to offer advice on nutrition, hydration, footwear, injury prevention, psychology and well being.  Any advice you require please just ask. 

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