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TW Braga offers a full academy for all children to get top class coaching and education while playing competitive games on a weekly basis. We provide teams for children aged 6 and above. If you would like to get your child involved contact Academy


We don’t bark instructions from the sidelines. We don’t dictate one way to play. We don’t judge. Instead we nurture. By encouraging freedom and originality on the pitch we’ve noticed even very young players can gain an artistry with the ball. Every week hundreds of kids enjoy our training sessions and show real flair. IMPORTANTLY, WE GET RESULTS.


TW Braga


TW Braga offers a full academy for all children to get top class coaching and education while playing competitive games on a weekly basis.  We provide teams for children aged 6 and above.  If you would like to get your child involved contact Academy Director Tim Wareing on 07740120788 or complete the form below.

TW Braga were established in 2013 linking up with SC Braga in Portugal.  The main reason behind this was to be a club that wasn’t attached to an area in Northern Ireland so it would be open to everyone.  We wanted to have the status of being attached to a professional club to add to the elite level surrounding the club.

We currently provide for over 100 members with a social and physical outlet through the sport of football.  Our members have a great mix of Protestant and Catholic as well as many other nationalities including Chinese, Polish and we have had playing members travel as far away as USA and Canada.  The sport of football allows this to happen.  We provide a number of opportunities through life skill events bringing groups together and interacting.  

Why TW Braga?

We have invested in our staff to ensure your child has access to some of the best coaches in the country.  Along with a Head of Year your child will have access to top, experienced and highly qualified coaches for each part of their journey at TW Braga.  Senior clubs would be proud of our line up of coaches.  In a day and age whereby too many focus on playing in a certain league or at a certain club parents should invest their time to ensure their child receives the education in the game with experienced coaches the same way you select your child's school.  

Our Lead Coaching Team...

Tim Wareing
UEFA A Licence Coach
Academy Director

Paul Kirk
UEFA PRO Licence Coach 
Senior Development Phase Director (ages 14-17)

Donald Malomo-Paris
UEFA PRO Licence Coach
Youth Development Phase Director (ages 10-13)

Tim Wareing
UEFA A Licence Coach 
Foundation Phase Director (ages 6-9)

Over the years TW Braga has worked extremely hard to enhance the opportunities and performance levels of the boys and girls who are part of their structure.  TW Braga became only the 5th club in Northern Ireland to achieve it's 2** Club Accreditation through the Irish FA.  This was achieved within 5 years of the conception of the club. 

In order to enhance this project TW Braga have recruited some of the best and most experienced coaches around.

Education is a defining part of all children's development and social standing in later life.  So too is their sporting endeavour and sporting aspirations.  It is with this in mind that TW Braga have recruited top coaches to head our player development programme and player pathway.

We offer...

  • Increased contact time at training – majority of our players receive over 7 hours training and match day program every week.
  • Specialist staff from qualified coaches, conditioning coach, education officer and pastoral care.
  • Online Player Passport with direct access and advice on nutrition, fitness, recovery and monitoring through Player Development Plan (PDP).
  • Professional, relaxed environment that is player centred.
  • We provide a platform for players to enjoy their football and play without fear while encouraging creativity and flair.
  • Creating better players, better people.

Who are SC Braga?

  • Now known as ‘1 of the big 4’ in Portugal along with Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon.
  • Their stadium is known as ‘The Quarry’ (tool box) and was built for Euro 2004 with a 30,000 capacity. 
  • SC Braga won the last Intertoto Cup in 2008.
  • Reached final of the UEFA Europa League in 2011 in Dublin.
  • Qualified for Champions League group stage in 2012/2013 alongside Manchester United.
  • History had them revert team colours to Arsenal kit.

Holistic Approach

  • We are interested in developing the whole person.
  • To evolve how youth football is delivered in Northern Ireland.

TW Braga offer;

  • Up to 5 sessions.
  • Match day program.
  • Player Passport and PDP.
  • Conditioning session.
  • Skills coach.
  • Match analysis.
  • Education officer.
  • Pastoral care.
  • And much more…

Conditioning Coach

  • Players playing 9 and 11 aside get to work with our conditioning coach once during mid week + the weekend.
  • All players receive conditioning / recovery session with our conditioning coach on a Sunday.
  • The focus is on plyometric, core speed and S.A.Q.
  • He will focus on the players overall fitness and injury prevention. 
  • All players will be monitored for their weight, height and testing.
  • Bi annual body mass index testing for growth, development, co-ordination and complexities.
Some examples are shown below show casing the difference in height and weight but their BMI is still at a healthy weight.  We feel this is very important to monitor especially when players start to go through puberty.

TW Braga 2002 Health Check Report

Name : P.S.
Age : 13 years 1 month
Height : 160  cms (5 ft 3”)
Weight : 6 st 13 lbs (97 lbs)
BMI Index : 17.2 (Healthy Weight)

Name : S.B.
Age : 13 years 2 months
Height : 165  cms (5 ft 4”)
Weight : 9 st 1 lbs (127 lbs)
BMI Index : 21.8 (Healthy Weight)

TW Braga 2004 Health Check Report

Name : C.R.
Age : 11 years 1 month
Height : 137  cms (4 ft 5”)
Weight : 4 st 5 lbs (61 lbs)
BMI Index : 15.3 (Healthy Weight)

Some of our other specialist staff at TW Braga include a goalkeeper coach.  He will work with the keepers once a week minimum.  

We value the Pastoral Care role with great importance with the increased cases of mental issues and depression in society.  Our Pastoral Carer is their for players, parents and staff.

Education Officer

We want our players to realise the importance we have on education both in football and away from football.

  • Education officer will assist players with school work.
  • Transfer tests.
  • Projects.
  • Presentation skills.
  • We also like to know what subjects players require help in.
  • Contact with school.

Pastoral Care

At TW Braga and TW Sports we value the whole person.  Often when a physical injury happens, especially in sport, it is easy to see and most of the time there is a plan of action taken such as bandages, rest, ice packs and so on. 

However with emotional, mental and spiritual injury they aren’t as visible, easier to hide away and not be dealt with.  These are as important as a physical injury and even more important to deal with because they affect a person’s identity, attitude, achievement and a lot more.  

We simply want you to know that we care and are here to help.  Whether it is a listening ear, advice, prayer or direction to professional services, we are here for you and seek to help in a confidential manner alongside our child protection officers and guidelines.  Whether it’s a parent, coach or child, regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or beliefs we want you to feel like there is support for you and as such we have a team that is here to help.

Stephen Jones

Stephen heads up the Pastoral Care Team and is working alongside Tim to develop this wider amongst the TW Sports family.  Stephen has been involved in Pastoral Care since 2003 in both community and church settings.  He is an ordained Minister within the Elim Pentecostal Churches and has also previously provided Pastoral Care in schools, sports teams, local community groups and other settings.

His role within the club is to oversee the Pastoral Care Team as well as being available should Parents, Children, Coaches or anyone within the TW Sports family need help and support.  It isn’t easy sometimes to ask for help but we hope by providing a point of contact, having someone who is part of the TW Sports family and who has experience in this area will make it easier for people to receive the help they need.

Stephen will be at our Thursday night training on the last Thursday of each month but is also available any time via phone or email should you need to make contact. 

Typical Weekly Schedule

Below is a typical week at the club for players
playing 9 and 11 aside;


Match Day.


11am-12pm - Conditioning / recovery session
12-1pm – Technical session


Rest day.


7-9pm – Club training.


1-on-1 Coaching or small group coaching.


6-7pm – Possible match analysis or education support.
7-9pm – Club training.


Rest day or option to attend a TW Sports centre.

Training Methods

Our thoughts and beliefs …

  • TW Braga is changing the way youth football is operated in Northern Ireland.
  • The most important player is the player without the ball. 
  • We focus on technical, tactical, physical and  psychologic sides of the game.

Match Analysis

We film all our games so players can watch back along with the coaches (and parents!)  We will produce short and full highlights.

Periodically we will do match analysis based on 3-5 minutes from a game and select positive and constructive points.  We welcome player interaction and feedback.

Our website features online secure player profiles.

Player Monitoring

We like to monitor many things …here’s a list of just some of the things we do;

  • Monitor minutes per game.
  • Training attendance.
  • Fitness testing, height and weight.
  • School work and grades.
  • Staff views on each player.
  • 2 reports per year on players.
  • Paragraph from staff on each player.

Life Skills

We believe as a club we have a responsibility and a great platform to offer support and skills to our players away from football.  Some work shops we have focused on include;

  • Basic manners.
  • First aid – some of our squad members were trained to offer life saving CPR treatment.
  • Nutrition workshop.
  • Ulster Bank Money Matter  course.
  • Alcohol / drug awareness.
  • Online safety.


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