TW Braga 2014/15


This is our 2014/15 squad.  They play 5 aside in the IFA Small Sided Games program.

For more information please contact 07740120788.

Manager / Coaches

Training Schedule

Tuesday @ Ormeau Park 3G 7-8.15pm (all year) 

Thursday @ Ormeau Park 3G 7-8.15pm (April - September)

Thursday @ Woodlands 3G 7-8.15pm (October - March)

Sunday @ Ormeau Park 3G 11am-1pm (all year)

TW Braga 2014/15

Jordan Young is our 2014/15 Manager.  TW Braga offers a full academy for all children to get top class coaching and education while playing competitive games on a weekly basis.  

TW Braga were established in 2013 linking up with SC Braga in Portugal.  The main reason behind this was to be a club that wasn’t attached to an area in Northern Ireland so it would be open to everyone.  We wanted to have the status of being attached to a professional club to add to the elite level surrounding the club. 

We currently provide for over 100 members with a social and physical outlet through the sport of football.  Our members have a great mix of Protestant and Catholic as well as many other nationalities including Chinese, Polish and we have had playing members travel as far away as USA and Canada.  The sport of football allows this to happen.  We provide a number of opportunities through life skill events bringing groups together and interacting.  

Why TW Braga?

  • Increased contact time at training – majority of our players receive over 7 hours training and match day program every week.
  • Specialist staff from qualified coaches, conditioning coach, education officer and pastoral care.
  • Online Player Passport with direct access and advice on nutrition, fitness, recovery and monitoring through Player Development Plan (PDP).
  • Professional, relaxed environment that is player centred.
  • We provide a platform for players to enjoy their football and play without fear while encouraging creativity and flair.
  • Creating better players, better people.

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