What we are about...

We offer a varied programme of coaching to all children aged 5-13. We welcome all regardless of ability, gender or cultual background. Children will enjoy football in a pressure free environment. They will learn new skills while making new friendships & most of all have FUN!

Mission Statement

TW Sports.Org Mini Soccer Centres support the development of Mini Soccer throughout Northern Ireland. We commit to offer quality coaching to develop boys & girls skills in a fun, well organised & safe environment.


The TW Sports.Org Mini Soccer Centres ethos is to involve as many 5-13 year old children as possible regardless of ability, gender or cultual background. The Mini Soccer programmes are delivered to develop cross-community relations while promoting fair play & most importantly the kids enjoying themselves!

Objectives & Guidelines

The main objectives of Mini Soccer is to be enjoyable so that children can have fun! It introduces children to the sport & helps them understand the rules & play in a team. Children get the opportunity to develop a good sporting interest that lasts for life. They will receive quality coaching & learn new skills while being encouraged to play fair. Also it will help prepare children for senior soccer.

Who is it for?

All boys & girls aged 5-13, of all abilities, who are interested in playing soccer.

Why play Mini Soccer?

It's a fun game for children & easy to understand, e.g. no off-side & no set playing positions. Children get more contact with the ball as the game is reduced from 11-a-side which leads to better technique & a higher success rate.

Higher concentration is developed as the ball is never far away from the players on a smaller pitch unlike 11-a-side on a full scale pitch. Decision making will be improved which will help gain a better understanding of the game.

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